Problem changing 'lightdm' theme

I have installed openSuSE 13.1 64bit XFCE.

I want to change the ‘lightdm’ theme. I have edited /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf to suit my customization.
I changed the logo, background, theme-name, icon-theme-name, and font-name, but only the logo change is actually changed and reflected at the login screen…

I can’t tell why the other changes are not being applied or accepted…

Any ideas what I am missing?


Personaly I have no idea, but IMHO it would be good not only to tell that you edited something, but to show what you did. How can you expect that somebody points you to configuration/typing errors you made without seeing the configuration file?

Here is my lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

# logo = Logo file to use, either an image absolute path, or a path relative to the greeter data directory
# background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. #772953)
# theme-name = GTK+ theme to use
# icon-theme-name = Icon theme to use
# font-name = Font to use
# xft-antialias = Whether to antialias Xft fonts (true or false)
# xft-dpi = Resolution for Xft in dots per inch (e.g. 96)
# xft-hintstyle = What degree of hinting to use (hintnone, hintslight, hintmedium, or hintfull)
# xft-rgba = Type of subpixel antialiasing (none, rgb, bgr, vrgb or vbgr)
# show-language-selector (true or false)
icon-theme-name=Cluster Green
font-name=Dejavu Sans Bold

I figured it out.
The theme is was using had permissions set for the ‘user’, I changed the permissions on the theme folder to ‘root’ and the theme is working great with ‘lightdm’.

I hope it helps someone with similar issue.


It is fine that you tell us how you fixed it. As you say, it may help others.

But in this case I wonder. You can not change permission of a file from user to root. You can change ownership from one user to another (the other then maybe root). You can change also permissions (read, write and/or execute) for owner, group and/or world access. Now what is it that you did?

And again showing with computer statements, in this case an

ls -l

of the file (we now do not even now it;'s name and path) before and after, would have taken away all :question:.

My bad. I actually changed the ownership of the theme file with ‘chown’.
Thetheme I am using has been manually installed by me by copying the theme folder to the /usr/share/themes. And the ‘user’ was its owner. This was preventing /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf from applying the theme I set.
I changed the ownership of the /usr/share/themes/mytheme to ‘root’ and now ‘lightdm’ reads it and applies the theme to the login greeter screen.

Did you check the other files there. You should not only change the owner to what the other files there are (root), but also the group. And you should also use the same permissions as the other files there. Please work carefully. “It works” is not good enough.

Thanks for the caution!

I had checked the ownership, group and permissions on the other theme folders/files in /usr/share/themes and have changed those accordingly on ‘mytheme’ folder. :slight_smile: