PrntScrn Button Doesn't Open KSnapShot.

Although, from what I can tell, all my shortcuts are A-Ok…

Personal Settings > Input Actions > Preset Actions > PrintScreen

Trigger: Print (Mapped from my keyboard button press of PrntScrn)
Action: (Command/URL): ksnapshot


Personal Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > KDE Component: khotkeys > Print Screen (Activated by pressing Print button, also mapped from keyboard)

But when I press the Print button, absolutely nothing happens :stuck_out_tongue: Any tips? Please, and thank you

If you’re using a laptop, make sure you don’t have to press the function (Fn) button first. Also, are you using Kwin or compiz as your window manager?

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Not using a laptop, and I’m using Kwin. Compiz is not installed. :slight_smile:


Go to menu editor
Locate ksnapshot
Advanced tab
There is an option for setting the shortcut key, set it as required

Worked perfectly! Thanks!

Great. Well done:)