Printing problems with Okular

  1. I change print settings from a4 to letter size, but it always tries
    to print on a4.
    2.Landscape prints as portrait, portrait prints as landscape. For now
    the obvious work around is to try to print the orientation I don’t

I’m using the version of Okular that comes with 11.1


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Just printed something from okular last night and didn’t see any of
problem 2, portrait printed as portrait. Maybe it’s your PPD settings?
Not that I know much about those. What happens if you print from
acroread or xpdf?


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I have a kinda big problem with okular too… but not the same one…

when I try to print a TIFF file, I get every page in quadruple size.
that means 3/4 of each page are cut off, I can only see a small part of
each page.
the rest is simply cut off.

this makes okular for kinda useless for tiffs :frowning:

(its not a problem with printer drivers or something, the same happens
when I simply print to a PDF file)


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I’m new to OpenSUSE, and haven’t tested this yet on it, however, in
Kubuntu, if you upgrade to KDE4.2, Okular will print to letter again.

I had the same issues with Okular, and it turns out it was a bug in QT,
not KDE or Okular…

I will look tonight to see if my KDE4.2 install works as expected and
try to report back.



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