Printing Address/Label software with a bar code

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I once saw some friends using some sort of a program (forgot the name) on a Windows XP platform to print a complete address (with a bar code at the bottom) on a given envelope. The program also allows to change the envelope type/size. I wonder if there is such a program included in OpenSuSE LEAP 42.1 that I can install to print a complete address on a given envelope.

  1. There is a KDE app called kbarcode that is designed for this.

Available as an openSUSE package…

  1. Zint Barcode Studio might also meet your needs

Zint Barcode Studio is a Qt-based GUI which allows desktop users to generate barcodes which can then be embedded in documents or HTML pages.

I was hoping it is a KDE4 application.

  1. Zint Barcode Studio might also meet your needs

openSUSE Software

I installed this program and it complains with an error message saying input too long when I entered a complete US address after selecting USPS intelligent mail symbology.

Sorry, I can’t help with any specifics (as I’ve never used it). You’re best advised to get Zint support from here

Good luck.

NP and I will do that. Thank you.