Printer/resolution/3D Acceleration issues

Hi, I’ve only recently started with Linux and OpenSUSE properly and I’m still getting to grips with the basic concepts. I’d like to give OpenSUSE as much functionality as I can, but I’ve come across a couple of hardware issues:

Printer Not Working/Not Compatible - My printer is a Dell All In One Photo 926, during the general installation it said that it was detected but not configured. I tried applying the two different drivers (S2500 and M5200) and printing a test page, but nothing happened under either of them. Nothing appears in the print queue either. I’ve had a look at the Linux Printing website and it says that it’s classed as a paperweight and isn’t compatible with Linux. Does this mean there is absolutely no way to get it to print under OpenSUSE?

Resolution Changing After Suspending – I had to put the code ‘915resolution 5c 1280 800 32’ in /etc/init.d/boot.local in order for my laptop to work at 1280x800, however when I suspend the session to disk and then restore it, the resolution changes back to 1024x780. Is there a way I can keep the 1280x800 resolution? My graphics card is an Intel 945 GM.

3D Acceleration – As stated before I had to manually change the resolution, but another problem is that 3D acceleration still doesn’t work. In the Yast Graphics Card and Display window the Active 3D Acceleration box is ticked, but when I come to test it, it shows the 3D acceleration button with a line through it. Is there anyway I can get it too work? Are there any 3D games I can use to test it as well, I can’t find any in the standard installation?

I have OpenSUSE 10.2 with KDE. Thanks for any advice or help you can give regarding these issues.

IMHO, you will have far better success, if you post EACH of these questions in a separate thread. … Lumping a bunch of questions together in the same thread may save YOU time, but IMHO its less likely to provide you the results you want.

But, lets hope for the best! :slight_smile:

Pretty much that is what it means. … an exception might be the web site is out of date, … but in this case, I suspect you are better off purchasing a compatible printer.

… it doesn’t look like there is much for support for Linux … I note from here: OpenPrinting database - Printer: Dell Photo AIO Printer 922

As noted for the Dell AIO 944, none of the Dell/Lexmark Multifunction/All-In-One printers will work under Linux due to them being Host-based printers (offloading processing to the OS, much like Winmodems), which make them cheaper by not requiring a powerful processor in the printer. Along with their use of proprietary print data streams, that makes them difficult to support without official drivers, which are Windows-only.