Printer paused, how to enable it easily?

Good morning everyone, I have a problem of this kind: if a printer is turned off or turns out to be off for any reason the operating system puts the printer on pause
here begins the ordeal

being the user of the PC can’t I simply click on the play button to restart the printing ?
if I do I get the second window where I’m asked for user and password does not accept me nor the root one nor the user one I keep asking and re-presenting the same window to restart the printer.

To solve the problem I have to start Yast, go to the printers and select the printer that is paused and put the enable flag , save everything and the printer restarts

Is this normal?
I don’t think so!
I can accept being asked for the user or root password, but not for it to go into a loop asking for it once I’ve entered the restart printing.

sudo cupsenable “name of printer”

sudo cupsenable Officejet_Pro_7720

Couldn’t you make it work just by clicking on the print resume button ? it is aimed at programmers, it would make life easier for less experienced users , thank you

Most things belong to the system and not the user.

The password is needed to access the system items like the printer - there is no Linux way to bypass that and be secure. - Unlike Windows where a popup to click yes to get to system, Linux requires the password.

You can write a C program to do the commands but it compromises the security of your computer.

I suspect that the printers are going offline and paused because your computer is going into suspend mode and has lost the handshake to the printer. If they are Ethernet or Wifi printers - the network losing connections due to DHCP expiring is the other reason for printers going offline and paused. Even the router may be the cause and disconnects the handshake due to no activity for the timeout of the router (I have seen some Internet providers routers do that).

If your printers are getting DHCP - a permanent IP address might fix the problem.

It’s already there, it just doesn’t work! Because if I click on resume printing, the window opens asking me for the password, only you can enter it ‘x’ times and it won’t accept it or won’t start.

Unfortunately, it’s a problem in one of the firmware updates I’ve done over the years that causes the printer to reboot several times, and not even HP support could give me an answer as to why it does this, despite having sent it to one of their service centres.


are you able to resume the printer from the CUPS web UI?

http://localhost:631, then click the “Administration” tab at the top and login with:

username: root
password: your user password (assuming it’s an administrator)

Ciao, yes it is another possibility to have it reactivated, like the terminal reactivation suggested by Larry, but as there was a simpler and more direct one in the system tray, which would do the same thing as both solutions suggested, as per the image above

I wonder why it doesn’t work …

Adjust polkit setting org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.printer-enable in /etc/polkit-default-privs.local Read:


with a good german to italian translator like

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