Printer Not Detected.

I am running Tumbleweed and I cannot either a locally attached USB printer or a network printer on my system.

This shows up with KDE System Settings and in YAST, where the Printer Configuration page shows the message “There is no print queue.”

I don’t know how to proceed.

Please advise. Thank you.

You need to set up a printer queue:

Please disconnect the USB connection to the printer and start on the console

dmesg --follow

You will see the kernel ring buffer is dumped, press a few time the Enter key so there are some blanc lines and insert the USB of the printer again.
This will show you if the printer is detected and likely how.

Would be good if can post the lines Using Code Tags Around Your Paste in this topic.

But likely your printer is low-level connected fine and you just need to set a a printer queue like @hui indicates.

For some reason the OSS repository wasn’t installed. I reinstalled it and then was able to add the printer and find a driver.

This is a reinstall of this system and I didn’t remember having to create the print queue before.

Thank you for your help.