Print Screen shortcut fails

For months now, using the Print Screen key, as a shortcut, fails to work. This seems to be a KDE issue. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the default Spectacle application, or any other program I try to set to launch with the Print Screen shortcut. They all fail. There is a work-around, but that should not be necessary–especially with the default Spectacle app.

The work-around is to delete the application from “Shortcuts” and set it up in “Custom Shortcuts” …but as I said, that should not be necessary–especially with the default Spectacle app.

This seems to affect both Tumbleweed & Leap.

Leap 15.4 here with KDE. When I hit the key marked PrintScrn, a window opens with has Spectacle n it’s title bar and is a screen capture application.

It also worked to satisfaction in Leap 15.3 which I used two weeks ago.

It’s working in the latest tumbleweed snapshot.
I did not do anything it just works in KDE.

Ditto for me.

no issues here in Tumbleweed 20220818

As other users have indicated it works OK here on TW and Leap.

If you are consistently able to reproduce the issue then file a bug report over at KDE ( ), perhaps you are experiencing some edge case, possibly hardware related issue, although why it should work as a custom and not standard shortcut I’ve no idea…

Before creating an upstream bugreport you should create a fresh user to rule out that you borked your user settings (most likely the case).

The OP’s first post indicates this issue is seen on both TW and Leap; so if it’s borked user setting(s) then it must be a double bork… :\

Had some issues with shortcuts. Logged out from KDE, removed ./.config/kglobalshortcutsrc and logged in again. All issues are gone.

There are experts in borking their installation out there…
Creating a new user is a basic step and common sense in such cases before creating unecessary bugreports. He will most likely asked to do it at bugzilla either… Or the way as Karl described, delete the setting file. For unexperinced users who don’t know which setting file is responsible, a fresh created user is the easiest troubleshooting step. And as it only affects one user here…it would be logical to suspect a borked setting first…