Print multiple PDF-documents from Dolphin

In Windows there is possible to mark multiple documents and select Print.
This option doesn’t exist in Dolphin. Is there at way to do this?

I’m not sure if such a solution exists out of the box, but the nearest I’ve seen is to create a ‘Print Directly’ icon like this

Adapted for KDE:
Make sure you have a default printer assigned first. Right-click on Kickoff Application Launcher > Edit Applications > New Item. Give it a name and for the command use

lpr %f

Choose an icon (a printer is the obvious choice :))

Once done, save it. Now right-click on a pdf file and select ‘Open with’ > Other and navigate to ‘Print Directly’, and select 'Remember ‘Application association for this type of file’. From now on, you can select groups of pdf files, and choose ‘Print Directly’ to have them print to the default printer (queue).

BTW, with this approach it is also possible to place the icon on the desktop or system tray, so that files can be dragged to it for ‘Drag N Drop’ printing if desired.

I’ve not got Dolphin available at this moment but with the other file managers I have available, you can select the files and then Right Click>Open with <program>. You can then select Print for each in turn and they will go into the print queue.

I think this is about the different philosophy of Windows and Linux; with multitasking in Linux, all print jobs go into a print queue which persists across reboots. I am not sure if recent versions of Windows are different but my understanding of earlier versions is that the print queue was a one off file rather than a persistent process.