Print job stopped after 'Filter failed'

As soon as I start any print job it is stopped immediately with the (CUPS) message ‘Filter failed’?

The job cannot be started again. Where is the switch to get the thing going again?
CUPS version 2.1.0-187.1 and CUPS-filters version 1.0.71-57.1 are installed.

What can I do to solve this?


More pertinent information would be useful, otherwise we can only guess. For a start printer model and driver…

Printer information (queue and status):

lpstat -t

Cancel all existing print jobs with

cancel -a

Increase the CUPS reporting verbosity with

sudo cupsctl --debug-logging

and then send a print job. Capture what is reported in /var/cups/log/error_log and post here. If it is lengthy, you might want to upload to and post only the link to it here.

I am too stupid for this process. If I copy 800kB of text into the window, I get a 404 error on create. If I switch to ‘image’ and browse to the file to upload it, it refuses to upload the file because of its size, whatever the interval

I had the same problem. I am running OpenSUSE 13.2 and was using the OpenSUSE Printing repo at:

and the Filter Failed problem started with the upgrade of the cups software to version 2.1.0-187.1 which I did a couple of days ago. I am running a HP Officejet Pro 8600 and was using the 3.15 hpijs driver as well. I downgraded all of the software packages that I was using in the Printing repo to the versions in the stock OpenSUSE Update and Oss repos and removed the Printing repo. This procedure downgraded the cups version to 1.5.4-21.9.1 and the hpijs driver to 3.14. In any event, once I was back to the stock OpenSUSE 13.2 software packages, the problem went away.

There is obviously a problem with the OpenSUSE Printing repo’s cups 2.1.0 and/or hpijs 3.15 packages. Its definitely a bug and downgrading to the stock OpenSUSE 13.2 repos solves the problem.

I hope that this helps.


hnimmo, you must be running the OpenSUSE Printing repo since its current version is 2.1.0-187.1 which is the version you said that you are running. So, just downgrade all of the packages to the versions in the stock OpenSUSE repos and that should solve your problem.


I would remove (or rename) the existing err_log file and start again. In any case, it is time stamped, and you only need to examine the tail of it. Like Gordon suggested, perhaps just downgrade CUPS and test again.

The time stamp of the entire file is essentially now, i.e. not just a few lines appended.

In any case, I have downgraded CUPS to 1.5.4 and hpijs to 3.14 and I can confirm that all works again. It seems to be a problem with CUPS 2.1.0

Hard to know without further analysis. I’m subscribed to the printing repo and have not experienced any printing problems. We’d need to have reviewed the error_log for more details. Anyway, safest for you to stick with the standard packages I think. :slight_smile: