Press "t" to show menu on this console

I have this message at boot since today [Press “t” to show menu on this console] and boot is extremely slow. I did not install anything between boot, not even update.
What could cause this? GruB corrupted?

Boot has multiple steps, which one is slow? Before kernel is loaded? After kernel is loaded?

You can ignore that ‘Press “t”’ message. It’s actually always there, but you usually don’t see it because the menu comes up rapidly.

At one time, I did have a very slow grub. This was on a VM where I was experimenting with “btrfs”. My guess was that it was a “btrfs” issue. It went away after the file system had next mounted normally.

Yes, after a reboot the message is gone. As well as my WiFi :frowning:
New topic incoming.