Pre/post install, pacman mmedia questions

Hi, just joined.

I’d like to be clear on the best method for ensuring mmedia playback - flash, quicktime, dvd. I believe that using the “YMP” one-click method will use the “Pacman” repos.

Here are the points I’m unsure about.

On a new install of OpenSuse (any version):

should I choose in Yast Software certain mmedia packages to not install - like xine etc - to help avoid conflicts?

If I just go for a default install and run it to check things work, before doing the “YMP” thing should I remove certain packages in Yast?

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

oh nooo! Forgive my poor english. How could I have erred so much in a first post by inadequately expressing the context of my question without specific reference to the supplied material; and mis-spelling Packman to boot!

You can tell it not to install the media packages, but i don’t see any point to it (just more time consuming). It shouldnt really matter because when you install the new media packs via the ‘one click’ because YaST should tell you if there’s any conflicts and ask what to do, at which point selecting ‘install with vendor change’ should replace the old ones with the new ones from the repositories in the *.ymp.

thank you also. :slight_smile: