Pre installation concerns

  1. Presently have Debian etch installed on external and intention is to replace it with SUSE 11 which I have on a purchased Live CD
  2. I have gparted so am capable of cleaning up the 160 GB external
    so my question is if I split the 160 GB into 2 unallocated areas will the CD like most live CD’S give me the option of directing it to the largest amount unallocated space and will it create the extended, swap, etc.
    Obviously I am a newbie, comfortable on Ubuntu with KDE 4.1 and just looking to expand my Linux knowledge base
    If you wondering I need to upgrade to Lenny to overcome some Debian concerns and would rather un-install
    Thank you

If you choose the expert partitioning options, and opt to create a partition layout, you will find absolutely everything you can think of available from the get go on install.

ie. specialist options to mkfs(8), and the mount options for fstab(5)

I’m afraid your timing on Live CD was probably a little off, as 11.1 is just out now.