PPPoE over Wireless - can't connect

Hello, I’m a student at a University which implemented a system that looks something like this:
There is a wireless where we live and we connect to it and have to create a PPPoE connection and write our own account and password info.

I switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 6 months ago and now I want to switch to openSUSE(KDE 4.6 is **** good) and I really need internet.

More info:
In Ubuntu I connect this way: Open Terminal and write the command “pppoeconf”.

In openSUSE I tried to configure from Yast the “DSL” on the Wireless interface, introduced the username and password and at the end when I have to click just Ok(or something like this) it asks me to install 2 additional packages(install-atm-dsl or something like this and another package) and sure I can’t install them without internet. Please, are there any solutions(I’m okay with terminal commands)?

Thanks in advance…