Power management and lock screen

Hello everyone,
I have a strange problem with the power management in my Desktop (openSUSE 13.2, KDE 4.19.x).
The only thing I want is to dim/power-off the screen after 10/15 minutes.
I have configured this in both users in my system.

However, I rarely see this in action! Especially when there is a browser with youtube open (without playing anything!), the screen is NOT dimmed and NOT powered-off!
But, it IS locked, so the inactivity is calculated correctly.

Any ideas?

If a video file is open in an app, the app often has a setting to over-ride system power settings…
After all, you wouldn’t want your machine to dim or power off in the middle watching a video, right?


Well, that’s an easy hack! :slight_smile:
Overriding the power management settings during video playback means that the application is not “informing” the DE about it’s status(=working). I cannot believe that the only activity that is calculated by the PM is the mouse and keyboard!

Anyway, I closed all youtube tabs and I still have the same issue, so, it’s not related to video playback.

I use blank screen as a screen saver now but obviously that’s a workaround not a solution!

There are many websites that abuse this feature e.g. airbnb, on plasma 5 you can click the battery icon in the system tray and you will see a message if PM suppression is active. This drives me crazy that whatever website can decide on the behaviour of my laptop including security (lock screen). if anyone knows how to stop this please let me know.