Postfix Mail Directory

Hi everyone, i need to transfer some peoples mail boxes to a new server, such that they login to that server and access all their mail.
Both servers are running suse10.3 and have the exact postfix squirrelmail and dovecot, usernames and passwords all the same
My challenge is, i dont exactly know which directories on the server contain user’s mail because i need to copy them onto a harddrive and paste them in the exact directories on the new server. Atleast i got that of the attachements.
Any idea?
Thank you all.

If using mbox format, usually /var/spool/mail/<user>

If using Maildir format, usually ~user/Mail or ~user/Maildir, depending on the settings of Postfix and Dovecot.

Thanx for the response, checked out /var/spool/mail, seems like its the ideal folder, let me copy it and see how things work out. will get back to you.
Thanks Man.

Make sure the ownerships are correct after the copying, since your UIDs might not match up or they might end up being owned by root after the copy. Something like this perhaps:

cd /var/spool/mail
for i in *
  chown $i $i

Just a suggestion. Make your own judgement as to usability of this shell fragment.