Postfix logfiles

I’m trying to setup a new mail server with postfix. The server is correctly running but I don’t found log files of postfix (in OpenSuse 13.1 are in /var/log)
I also manually created them in /var/log (mail, mail.err, mail.warn, that they are not updated.

Googling, someone suggests to use rsyslog and others suggests to use syslog-ng.
They are not installed in my system but if I try to install them, I get this message from yast :
syslog-ng-3.7… / rsyslog-8.4 … conflict with namespace: otherproviders(syslog) supplied by systemd-logger-210…
Solutions :

  • uninstall systemd-logger-210…
  • don’t install syslog-ng / rsyslog
    so I didn’t try to install them.

Any idea?

Looks like there have been some recent developments how to use tools like syslog-ng with systemd 216 and later.

Although I haven’t actually done the things in the following link, the Arch Wiki has always been an excellent resource for other topics, so I feel good about recommending its use.

Bottom line from the Wiki article, the old procedures and tools to export the journal to legacy log files may no longer work, but tools like syslog-ng will automatically do the exporting to do what it does… The newly created log files won’t necessarily be named the same or be in the same location as legacy log files, though so you should delete everything you created manually.


If you want to use real syslog daemon, uninstall systemd-logger. It is almost dummy package that only creates /var/log/journal to switch on persistent journal. If you remove it, directory remains, so you will not lose anything.