Postfix error message

Sending a message works, but postfix throws the following error:

**notebook:~ #** journalctl -b -u postfix.service -p3 --no-hostname -o short-monotonic  
  493.002904] postfix/smtpd[4472]: **error: unsupported dictionary type: hash**
**notebook:~ #**

Any idea?

I think this is because of the new methods of encrypting sensitive files like sasl_passwd. They are detailed here:-

‘hash’ was the old default and files were created with a .db extension, this now seems to be deprecated and even unsupported. Postfix now seems to want to use ‘lmdb’ and files have an .lmdb extension but others are available. You can see what’s supported with:

postconf -m

Think i had to remake all the files to make the .lmdb versions with the postmap command. Think it will be something like this:

postmap lmdb:/etc/postfix/transport

Then replace the corresponding entries in from:

    transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport


    transport_maps = lmdb:/etc/postfix/transport

It maybe that you simply have a reference to an unused config file in that uses “hash:” and you can simply comment out the line.

I did this a while ago so may not have it quite correct and there was a thread about it on the forums.

Many thanks for detailed sharing of your experience. I want to add the problem occurs only with new installs. Host erlangen, which was updated is not affected. See also: Issue could be caused by sloppy development and testing.

Running “sed -i s/hash/lmdb/ /etc/postfix/” and restarting postfix fixed the problem.