Postfix, Dovecot, (Maildir) - mail server setup

Dear openSUSE users!

I’m having some problems with opensuse 11.0 mail server setup.
After having much problems with Postfix not runing I add
in /etc/services/ now Postfix runs… :slight_smile:
I have setup postfix to use smtps 465 and dovecot imaps 993.
Mail goes out to remote machines as I see in var/logs, also comes in and seats in Postfix waiting to be pulled to Thunderbird, but it never comes to Thunderbird??
If I go under postfix/user_mailboxes you can see there is a mail for** virtual domains/users** (name1(at), name2(at) When trying to play around with Dovecot to set it up for Maildir and coming back to see users mail in Postfix it is not there anymore…!
When I add maildir:var/mail/%u/ and also tried all those UIDL settings in Dovecot still nothing NO mail coming from mail server??! :mad: When I hit get mail in Thunderbird it connects to mailserver it shows certificate
that I have wrote runs on 993 it just doesn’t retrieve the emails…when I was setting Maildir format in opensuse 10.3 it created mail folder automatically and everything was just fine, is there any difference in 11.0?
When I hit get email thunderbird connects and shows 0 mails?!
When trying to hit sent folder it says Mailbox doesn’t exist:Sent. ?? :rolleyes:
For all this setup I use WEBMIN.
Is there anyone with a suggestion that might help?
Thanks a lot!

Erik :smiley:

Is there anyone who can help out with this problem?