postfix does not write to /var/log/mail


I installed openSUSE Leap 42.3 on a virtual private server. This is a fairly minimal text based server install, with some extra packages added, among others postfix and rsyslog. Using the same setup under Leap 42.2, postfix wrote logs to /var/log/mail. However, this doesn’t seem to work on Leap 42.3. The postfix service does work and I can get postfix log messages using journalctl, but I would like to have a separate /var/log/mail. What am I missing?

Funny thing is, I set up a virtual machine first under VirtualBox, and postfix does write to /var/log/mail on this VM. The list of installed packages, version numbers, settings are identical as far as I can see (apart from obvious things like IP address) so I don’t see where the difference is coming from.


Please check the output of “postconf | grep -i ‘log’”.

Having said that, it does seem that, at least far as openSUSE is concerned, Postfix is moving firmly to systemd and “journalctl -u postfix”.

Thanks, I did check all postfix settings and they were identical between the two machines where one wrote to /var/log/mail and the other didn’t. In the meantime the problem seems to have resolved itself (???). Postfix now writes to the log as I expected, without me doing anything - I didn’t restart or update anything. I guess some buffer filled up and the messages are now coming through.