Post preview differs to result

The layout is vertical when it should be horizontal.

[quote="arvidjaar, post:10, topic:168626"]
You may consider bug report; even better would be fixing it and submitting request.

Check sometime soon.

![AQQkADAwATMwMAItZWUAYjMtMDJhZC0wMAItMDAKABAARerNLEGSkgBLnd648Y0WtQY=-1|353x500](upload://8iKlE0mJvDyzZdXQJJkGLtxQert.png) ![AQQkADAwATMwMAItZWUAYjMtMDJhZC0wMAItMDAKABAARerNLEGSkgBLnd648Y0WtQY=-2|353x500](upload://AegymJ9Da8vCsGlUx484KZDMlMf.png)

It seems that the images are just a little too wide, so it’s reflowing them.

The width of the message area is 690 px, and your images are a total of 706 px wide.

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@hendersj, have you left those dimensions as the Discourse defaults? If so, I’ll request at Meta that they make them use the same dimensions (because otherwise it’s not a very useful preview pane).

We do use the default dimensions here, so yeah, a report through Meta would be best.


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