post new thread - new prefix Multiboot

Seems like another selection in the dropdown “Multiboot” would be preferable to selecting a recent Leap version or TW or “Other” when the new thread topic is about multiboot installations that include TW and Leap 1 and Leap 2 and maybe Leap 3 too. I don’t think “Other” is a good prefix when a thread is specifically about multiboot issues, particularly when looking at a list of search results. It should make a good search string as well.

If this addition is not acceptable, maybe it would be to allow (no prefix) to be applied rather than a random one forced.

BTW, 15.2A is on the mirrors, so needs to be added to the list anyway, right?

Are there enough posts to fit such a designation?

It seems to me that most of the posts that mention “multiboot” are really about a problem with one of those multiboot systems, and the prefix for that would be more appropriate.

But let’s see what other’s have to say.

The problem may or may not be with only one of the installed systems, but “one of” pretty well implies a multiboot configuration is present, [typically,often,usually] without which a boot problem would not exist.

I do not think so. These forums are mostly for users that use the current openSUSE versions. People will try to help with older versions as good as they can. The version to be is in test and testers have other means to bring test results to the version developers. Those who are building the new version will most probably not here, thus trying to discus the testting will not be very fruitful in the forums. Thus it will be short before the release date that a new version is added to the prefix list.

BTW, it may be good to recall why that obligatory prefix was added to the (sub)-forums for technical question/problems. Simple because many thread starters did not start their post with telling what they use. They seem to be so focused on their problem that they forget that others may have no idea about what they are doing. So this was introduced to force people to at least tell what their (main) version of openSUSE is and also to give them a hint that telling what you use (KDE Gnome,…?), etc. is a good idea. That second goal is not always reached I am afraid.

Thus this prefix is just a small tool to help improving in describing a problem. When a problem is about more versions (combined or not), just take one and start your problem description with explaning the others and their connection re the problem.

And I do not think we will add Windows versions to the list, just because many people do multi-boot with Windows.

My 2 cents: No, no, no. It would bring us back to having to ask a lot of things before dealing with actual issues can start. Which was why we implemented the tag function, and IMHO it has been a huge improvement.