Post edit time limit too short

I believe that users should be able to edit their posts for as long as they want to (like most Discourse instances and regular sites allow) but in lieu of that, please at least extend it past its current 10-minute limit.

I do not think that will be done. It is perfect to add a new post if you find out you want to add or even correct something. But editing a post that may already have been read and even answered to could create a very confusing discussion.

Is it possible to allow editing of the last post (until new post/reply is added)?

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I doubt (but that is far beyond my internal knowledge of the discourse software).
But again, I would certainly not love it when I am formulating an answer, then send it off to see the the problem was changed making my answer futile.
When the OP there would have added a new post, I (and others) can then at least see that I was not hallucinating.

Is it not possible to delete ones post even after the grace period for re-editing has expired?

Indeed, @hcvv. I believe that that is inherently obvious, though, and I’ve never done it. I just use the edit button like it should be used, to make minor grammatical improvements and correct dead links. Additionally, edit history prevents any serious confusion or malicious intent.

If I have to keep reposting my comment, that’ll lead to a significantly less comprehensible comment chain, and unnecessarily notify everyone subscribed.

@susejunkys, it is possible.

I am afraid it is. And that is in fact against our T&C because that says that everything posted is owned by the forums and deleting (part of) posts afterwards is at the discretion of the staff.

My very personal answer to this is: prepare your post careful. Maybe first in a local document (to copy/paste later).

Read and re-read it. Try to read it from the perspective of a volunteer that is willing to help, but that does not know your system, nor how you have configured it or what software you have added and from where. Also do not expect that a reader will understand what you did by instinct because you think that everybody will do this in the way you do it.

Check if the three elements that make a problem description are in the post: what did you do, what did you expect to happen and what happened instead. Preferable with full command/code copy/paste (because people will not believe you, they will believe what the system says).

Go for a coffee or a beer and re-check it. Satisfied: POST.

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But what if a link dies? I just don’t understand the merits of this policy.

What link to what? This is unclear to me.

@rokejulianlockhart that’s just the internet, not specific to just this forum…

Likewise if exceed the edit time, just flag and indicate in the comment on what needs fixing and forum staff will take care of it…

@malcolmlewis, how is that better than just letting the user edit the post?

@hcvv, any link. Links in posts die – I want to be able to fix them, but can’t, due to this restriction.

@rokejulianlockhart, because that how it is and it won’t change. We do not want posts/links updated by users as they could go to somewhere completely different… think spammers etc…

Likewise there are still plans on the table for re-introduction of nntp.

Must be very old posts then.

The only significant characteristic I can think of that makes this forum better than the openSUSE forum on is an apparently larger number of attentive, wise, openSUSE-specific users here. Unlike here, the software there remains friendly, easy-to-use (e.g. less likely that previewed PRE text requires horizontal scrolling caused by artificially narrow preview space; timestamps instead of agos; more flexible input selections; two notification URLs per thread there instead of one for every post here, for much less browser history pollution) , and unless an admin closes a thread, editing there is allowed without limit. It clearly marks every edited post as having been edited (leaving it up to the editor to describe or not what changed). The available generic GNU/Linux knowledge apparent there is vastly larger.

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Yeah, @mrmazda. Discourse is capable of all of that, but the old *BB forums had more kind defaults.

The discourse default editing time is much longer, the current limitation was implemented by request of the forums staff. We have the capability to make it anything within the software, however that decision is up to the staff as expected