possible to get scrolling text instead of the bootsplash?

i just installed opensuse 11 on my laptop

ridiculously easy!

everything was autodetected and configured


i really like the scrolling text when you boot the livecd
(where it has the grey background that says openSUSE at the top)

is there any way to get rid of the green splash screen and have that text (with the grey background) on a regular install?

Boot with nosplash option in the options line at Grub.
If it works as expected you can add that option to your /boot/grub/menu.lst kernel line.

yea i tried that already but i thought i did something wrong because it doesnt change anything

i use nosplash option and still get the regular splash screen

Ok, remove the vga=0x??? option if there’s one.

or edit the bootfile menu.1st with YaST > Boot Loader and change the parameter splash=silent to splash=
(leaving the parameter blank). I think there is also the option splash=verbose, but not sure about that one.

Anyway, this should give you the text you mention without changing the boot resolution (keeping it nice and crisp).

yep, splash=verbose enables text-scrolling boot with nice background


changing splash=silent to splash=verbose did the trick

thanks guys

Well good you made it. In my case I like them both so whenever I want to see the scrolling texts I just press Esc. Sorry for spamming this thread if it is, I just want to express my 2-cents:)

You’re welcome tjwoosta!

Since when do you spam Conram? :wink: Good tip if you ask me, pity the ESC doesn’t work the other way around too (giving back to boot logo).


Thanks, lucky me Esc works here.:slight_smile: