Possible BUG In Konqueror 4.14.25

Every time I go to the website https://www.dur.ac.uk/cis/email/ Konqueror completely crashes. The version of Konqueror is 4.14.25 (found in the Opensuse Repositories). My OS version is Leap 42.2, and I run a 64-bit OS. This did not happen with the most updated version of Konqueror in Leap 42.1. After upgrading my system, it happens every time.

It’s unlikely a bug in Konqueror itself which is just a shell for embedding kparts.

Rather in the used web browsing backend.
Which one are you using?

It doesn’t crash here though, neither with KHTML nor WebKit (4.14.26 on openSUSE 13.2, but that should basically be the same as 4.14.25).

Could you post the backtrace please?

Though if there really is a bug, it likely won’t get fixed. Qt4/QtWebKit4 is not supported/developed any more, and khtml is not really actively developed since years (though it still gets bug fixes from time to time).
And the next konqueror release will use Qt5/KDE Frameworks5 (and QtWebEngine by default).

It is crashing here on many sites. The konqueror in 42.1 was reasonably stable. The one in 42.2 is not. And I see the same problem with “rekonq” (which uses some of the same libraries).

However, it does do okay if I switch the KHTML. So I guess I will leave it that way for the present. I don’t have that option with “rekonq”.

The website works fine for me using konqueror. But that is using the latest version of tumbleweed (21112016) plasma5 konqueror 4.14.26

I just noticed that evince-browser-plugin is included again in Leap 42.2.

It had been dropped/removed over a year ago (in 13.2), because it caused crashes in QtWebKit and also other browsers (Firefox e.g.). Somehow that change hasn’t been submitted to Leap it seems…

So, try to uninstall evince-browser-plugin if it is installed and see if it helps.

PS: the bug report is here:
(filed by nrickert)

Actually evince-browser-plugins was not included in 42.1 either, that would explain why Konqueror was stable in 42.1.
Somehow they reintroduced it in 42.2, probably because that change never was submitted to Factory AFAIK. :\

Ouch. I should have noticed that.

Uninstalling that seems to have made a big difference. Konqueror hasn’t crashed yet.

And note to others – after uninstalling, I marked “evince-browser-plugin” as tabood (never to be installed).

Sorry, for the delay in replying. Removing the plug-in fixes the crashing issue. Now when I go to the site, though, and click on the staff email link, I obtain a “bad request” page. Does not happen with Firefox! Any suggestions?

Hm, works fine here.

Maybe a temporary problem at the site?

Or try to delete the cookies in Konqueror’s settings.