Podman: Unable to podman advertise port 53 at bridge network

I have some root-owned podman contanier that is started with the following command: podman run -d --network podnet --mac-address="52:54:00:e0:0a:ea" -p 53:53 --name dns dns.
Which is giving the following error:

# podman run -d --network podnet --mac-address="52:54:00:e0:0a:ea" -p 53:53 --name dns dns
Error: cannot listen on the TCP port: listen tcp4 :53: bind: address already in use

Note that sudo podman network inspect podnet

          "name": "podnet",
          "id": "<censored>",
          "driver": "macvlan",
          "network_interface": "bridge0",
          "created": "2024-02-06T14:00:00Z",
          "ipv6_enabled": false,
          "internal": false,
          "dns_enabled": false,
          "options": {
               "mode": "passthru"
          "ipam_options": {
               "driver": "dhcp"

Something on the host, or in another pod is binding to port 53, you’d need to figure out what that is.

Something like ss -atu '( dport = :53 or sport = :53 )'

Sorry but it is in their own ip it should not matter if something is getting a 53 port in the host’s IP

ss -atu '( dport = :53 or sport = :53 )'
Netid       State        Recv-Q        Send-Q               Local Address:Port                 Peer Address:Port       Process
udp         UNCONN       0             0                    *
udp         UNCONN       0             0                    *
tcp         LISTEN       0             32                   *
tcp         LISTEN       0             32                   *

It should not matter the container has their own IP

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