playing MP4 in firefox


I recorded a screenshot movie using “myrecordDesktop” software. It generated a .ogv file. I convert it to .mp4 file through command

ffmpeg -i out.ogv -f mp4 demo.mp4

Then I try to open it with firefox or other browser, but it doesn’t work:

video cannot be play because the file is corrupt 

In principle, nowadays with the new HTML5 protocol, one should be able to play mp4 file in a webbrowser without any plugins.

Interestingly, if I upload this .mp4 file to Youtube, then download it to my local machine. This new .mp4 file can be played in firefox without any problem.

I am just wondering why the .mp4 converted by ffmpeg cannot be played in a browser? How can we solve this problem?

Thank you very much.


This is a known concern with Firefox instead of OpenSUSE.

Even on Windows, there is a good chance that Firefox is incapable of playing mp4 within the browser. You might want to tell the Firefox developers about what their advertisements should indicate to avoid misleading users. In general, you should have no difficulty playing several Youtube clips on Firefox in OpenSUSE, but playing mp4 files within the browser is imho and iirc still suspect.

opensuse is patent free, for legal reasons patented codecs are hosted on packman
you need codecs from packman for full multimedia support
Firefox will play mp4 files using ffmpeg as a backend
Firefox it self does not do the decoding
on linux the decoding is done by libav (ffmpeg’s library part)
on windows vista and above it uses microsoft’s windows media foundation
as XP has no mp4 (h264+aac) support Firefox will not decode mp4 on XP only
to get your fox working tell us your repo list

zypper lr -d