Plasmoids not working in KDE 4.1

I updated to KDE 4.1 but some plasmoids don’t work. Folder View and Calculator are examples. When I add them it says:

The object could not be created for the following reason: Could not find requested component: calculator.

When I installed KDE 4.1 it said it needed kdebase4-runtime 4.1.60 for the plasmoids so I installed it but now when I try to install widgets it says it needs kdebase4-runtime > 4.1.60 and it cannot find it. Also, When I try to install Dashboard Mac OS X widgets, they don’t show up in the list. I can’t even get my trash…

I started wrtting a list of the plasmoids not working but I realised that out of the 48 plasmoids, about only 10 of them worked…

after lastnights updates 8/6/08 my plasmoids stopped working also and one is the folder and picture frame to name a couple but i went through the list and theres alot that don’t work

When I changed from stock 4.0.1 to factory I also found some strange dependencies but after some “don’t install” everything installed fine. Now, I only experience some problems between an update and the next restart (of plasma). Between those moments some applets, when added, only show a small empty box.

About the “kdebase4-runtime > 4.1.60”, I didn’t found anything like that in KDE4:Factory. Some packages specify “kdebase4-runtime < 4.1.60” that I think it’s fine. From the patterns “KDE4 Base System” and “KDE4 Desktop Environment” I could install everything except “kde4-korn” and “kde4-mobiletools” that are from KDE4 < 4.1. What repositories are you using?

well i just went to KDE/KDE4 - openSUSE and reinstalled 4.1 and it seemed to fix the plasmoid problem
you might want to give it a try forebore

I think ill try using Havoks tip since I used the Unstable repos and I had problems connecting to them. I wont be able to go on my PC until Tuesday but ill tell you what happens when Ill try it! Thanks!:smiley: