plasmashell hangs at 100% cpu after startup

When I start or reboot the pc, plasmashell hangs at 100% cpu and must be killed and restarted. After restarting however, it’s normal. What could be the cause?

This starting happening after a recent update. I’m not sure what got updated but it’s probably a good guess that plasma did get updated. Anyway else running into this issue?

My system is:
LEAP 42.3
KDE plasma 5.8.7
KDE frameworks 5.32.0
Qt 5.6.2


From a VT (tty1 through to tty6), without being logged in to a KDE Plasma session:

  1. try clearing the user’s ~/.cache/ directory;
  2. check for files belonging to the KDE Plasma user in /tmp/ and /var/tmp/ and remove them as needed – leave any temporary files needed by the user’s applications;
  3. check and clean-up as needed the user’s KDE4 files and links in ~/.kde/.

Once the user’s KDE Plasma session is up and running again, the user should perform some housekeeping on their Akonadi database:

 > akonadictl fsck
 > akonadictl vacuum
 > akonadictl fsck

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I’ll post my results when I have a chance to work on it (busy this weekend).

You can check what packages were updated by:

YaST -> Software Management -> Extras -> Show History

or looking directly at the log file:


In addition to @dcurtisfra’s comments, you may want to check to see if the problem is also affecting a new user, to establish whether it is system-wide or user specific.

As an aside, if you’re not aware, 42.3 is end-of-life June 30 2019 ( Lifetime - openSUSE Wiki ), you may want to consider upgrading.

Thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to give a quick update. I tried both suggestions (except the cleaning the Akonadi database because I don’t know what that is) without success. I even removed the .kde folder completely and that didn’t even work. After I updated to 15.1 and still had the issue I went ahead and created a new user. The new user did not have the issue so at least I’ve isolated the problem to the user.

The question is now how can I reset my old user account to new? I guess I can move my personal folders to another location delete the user and then create it again. Is that the cleanest way?

You can keep the user and delete storage only.

Deleting content of ~/.cache/ and p* and k* from ~/.config/ might be all that needs doing. This smaller deletion would preserve lots of non-Plasma settings kept in ~/.config/. I would try first only deleting ~/.cache/ content and try logging in, then ~/.config/ too only if ~/.cache/ wasn’t enough . All these deletions must be done while not logged into a Plasma session.

What I actually did several times since 1995: rename home directory and create an empty one. Hunting for stale configuration files can be time consuming compared to copying back from renamed directory when desirable.