Plasma Wayland session locks up immediately on sign in with Nouveau drivers

I have a problem with Plasma (Wayland) as per topic. It’s always reproducible by doing the following:

  1. Boot computer
  2. Sign in to Plasma (Wayland) at SDDM
  3. Bam, instant lockup

Hardware in use is a dual Xeon workstation with an Nvidia GT 610 graphics card using the Nouveau driver. Distribution is OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 with Plasma 5.12. And I’m quite certain it’s not a nouveau issue as I have done the following:

  • Upgrade the default OpenSUSE kernel to a vanilla 4.18 kernel from Lockup still occurs upon sign in
  • Tested a Wayland session with Gnome successfully
  • Upgraded Plasma to 5.14 with the repo recommended by OpenSUSE here and lockup still occurs
  • Booted with nouveau.noaccel=1 and Plasma Wayland successfully loads but with terrible performance

Any help? Because frankly, this is unacceptable. It was understandable in 2015 when most distributions were still testing out Wayland with Gnome and KDE, but it’s 2018 now. And it’s the Nouveau drivers we are talking about, which are supposed to ‘just work’ with Wayland sessions (as compared to the proprietary Nvidia drivers).](

Try the FOSS X driver that gets more developer attention: modesetting. Simplest way is ‘zypper rm xf86-video-nouveau’ and restart sddm. Alternatively, use /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf to specify driver to use.

Just use Plasma/X11.

Wayland for Plasma is still a work in progress.

It (Plasma/Wayland) does not lockup for me (with Intel graphics). But it also does not work properly. Because of that, I normally use X11 rather than Wayland.

Like I said earlier, this is not acceptable. Especially after Martin Graesslin’s rant on how KDE will not adopt Nvidia’s EGLStreams as used by the proprietary driver; instead he will focus exclusively on GBM. Ridiculous how Plasma on Wayland won’t even play nice on the open drivers it is supposed to support.

I can’t put the blame on Nouveau because Gnome works perfectly on Wayland with Nouveau on my system.

The only other option I have yet to test is whether this is a fault specific to the version and build of Mesa bundled with OpenSUSE (which is really unlikely).

Well just a point even Ubuntu as dropped Wayland as the default graphics stack.