Plasma taskbar losing xwayland window

The main MatLab window keeps disappearing from the taskbar on my laptop. I need to use a task switcher (alt+tab, meta+tab,…) to get to the window.
Here is a screenshot:

When opened, MatLab appears on the taskbar, but after spawning some figures (other windows) it often disappears.

Do anyone else experience similar problems? Does it happen with an xwayland application for you?
Where should I report this bug? Is it a Plasma bug? Is it an xwayland bug? Is it a MatLab bug?

Does this happen if you create a new ‘test’ user account? I’m just wondering if this is something specific to your graphical KDE settings perhaps?

Others have reported similar behaviour over the last few years (so something existing from Plasma 5.2x era). A couple of examples

The taskbar in “Dodge windows mode” ignores the MatLab window, if it disappeared from the taskbar.

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