plasma-netbook issues in KDE 4.7.1

I have just upgraded to KDE 4.7.1 from KDE 4.6.5. I deleted my .kde4 folder to avoid any issues with the upgrade. After I rebooted and logged in I changed the kde workspace from plasma-desktop to plasma-netbook. After that change all I would get is the cashew on the upper lefthand corner. I tried to add a new page, adding widgets and nothing worked. I tried to logout and log back in and I would get plasma-desktop. Any ideas if there are bugs in plasma-netbook in KDE 4.7.1? Or is this opensuse specific? Can I do something to get plasma-netbook?

Nevermind. I did some more digging and found that somehow old plasma-netbook-appletsrc and plasma-netbookrc files were still present despite the fact that I deleted my .kde4 folder. I still don’t what could have happened.