Plasma Desktop Intermittenly Freezes after Logging in after Screen Locks

Hello all,

I first noticed this problem about a week or so ago. I’ve since updated Tumbleweed a couple times (notably to Plasma version 5.23.3) and the intermittent issue persists. Here’s what happens:

  • When I walk away from my laptop, it will lock, and when I log back in most of the time it’s just fine.
  • Sometimes when I log back it, input (keyboard and mouse) is frozen. I cannot access any tty either.
  • However I can still avoid a hard reset if I wait for it to lock again and take me to the login screen. There I can do a ctrl
  • alt + F1 to bring up tty1 and do a reboot. - That being said, if I don’t bring up tty1 and log back in again, input remains frozen, and if I do this more than say twice, it will REALLY freeze, where it won’t lock again and take me back to the login screen. At that point only a hard reset will get my out of the situation.

I’ve done a

sudo journalctl -p err --since "2021-11-19"

since the problem happened yesterday and there’s nothing there related to the issue.

Before this started, I changed:
Settings >** Display Configuration** > **Compositor **> Rendering backend to OpenGL 3.1
however since then I reverted the change but the issue still persists. I am on Wayland and so I don’t know if the problem occurs under X.

Any ideas? I have no idea what to try next.

Show the full journal since locking the screen until reboot, e.g. "journalctl -b -1 --since 20:49:30’.

Actually, I just realized that there’s something wrong with my command. It doesn’t give info from yesterday, just today (the 20th). That would explain why there’s nothing relevant in the logs, it hasn’t happened today. I don’t understand why the command isn’t going back until yesterday, as requested.

sudo journalctl -p err --since yesterday

does the same thing, just gives today’s info.

 sudo journalctl -b 1 
Specifying boot ID or boot offset has no effect, no persistent journal was found.…55#post3083955

Ah, thank you karlmistelberger, good tip! I also uncommented SystemMaxFiles=100 as I figured that would be a good check on the max size that /var/log/journal would take up.

Now I just have to wait for it to happen again and hope that the syslogs will capture it this time and point to the cause.

So this is still happening and the logs, or at least,

sudo journalctl -p err

is not showing anything pointing to the cause. I guess that means the issue is not coming from the kernel, which I guess means it’s coming from Plasma?