Plasma 6 upgrade on laptop cannot set window manager theme KDE Breeze

The recent TW update to install, inter alia, Plasma 6 has forced my laptop system to use IceWM. When I log in there is an error massage concerning the theme breeze.

I understand but cannot find any KDE theme which works so am stuck with IceWM.
Does anybody have a fix for this?

plasma-apply-lookandfeel --list

Show a theme you can select like:

plasma-apply-lookandfeel -a org.kde.breezedark.desktop

I’d assume moving ~/.config/ directory might remove some old config/conflict but of course, you will have other folders under there with preferences you’d reset

Check that you have plasma6-desktop and plasma6-workspace installed.
I was stuck in IceWM and installing those pulled all of the needed files. Then do a zypper dup just to make sure.

Also, at the login screen, select Plasma down at the bottom or it’ll just log you into IceWM again.

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Hi all,
It seems that my first run of zypper dup from tty terminal was not enough. After much time wasted I did another zypper dup and loh and behold another 160+ updates and another reboot was required.

Glad to say I now have my opensuse desktop up and running as usual.

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