plasma 5 config files

Can anybody tell me, please, which configuration files I should remove to start using plasma 5 from scratch?

The problem is that some options are unavailable: for instance working with activities always the only available option for an application or a window is “All acttivities”. I created a new user and it works fine with that user.

So the problem should be in the configuration files of the original user. I would like to remove them and start again. I tried deleting these files (all of them in ~/.config):

But the problem persists. I suppose there are others involved that I missed.

The activities are stored in kactivitymanagerdrc. If you delete this and plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc (and better plasmarc and plasma-shellrc as well), you should get the default set of activities.

You should of course also be able to add new activities manually yourself. It’s not really necessary to reset the configuration.

And what other options are missing?

In the worst case you could of course just remove anything in ~/.config/. But this would also remove configs of other, non-kde, applications, like GNOME and LibreOffice. So better remove everything that sounds related to KDE (in particular everything that starts with k or plasma).
Or do the opposite: rename the complete folder ~/.config/ and move back the things you need (or don’t cause your problem).

Note that you have to do that outside of KDE. Otherwise Plasma will just write back the current config and nothing changes.

The options that I miss are to be able to choose in which activity a window or an application will run. I should be able to set this option in “Special Window Settings” or “Special Application Settings”. But I am given “All activities” as the only option.

I have deleted the files you told me. Plasma has started with the set of activities I have in kde4; but the issue I mention in the previous paragraph persists.

Any idea?

If not, I’ll try your other advice: rename .config and start again.

Thank you.