Pinnacle PCTV USB2 - not getting it to work

Installed the latest v4l-drivers from their page. Is there anything special with this device (know for being incompatible?) or do I need some exotic firmware or other?
It is recognized by the system as unknown device type pinnacle pctv usb2.

Could anybody council me about a working solution of an USB key for the reception PAL dvb-T standard?
Every contribution is welcome (the pinnacle is actually only analog).

This thread has been closed (un)solved. :|Probably you needed a special firmware but since the Pinnacle was analog and they are going soon to switch of analog TV here, I opted for a recent TV usb key.
A hint, if anybody should search for a solution: you have to know the exact chipset of your model because there have been several varieties on the market. Then install the respective firmware (if available. Not all of these models where supported by V4L.