Pihole on podman - change the server ip from test to production ip

I have a new Raspberry Pi4B that I installed openSUSE 15.3 and have everything working like I want.
I could not get pihole to install the way it works in ubuntu 20.04 but found this podman installing pihole as a container.


Which worked as it states even for 15.3 on a Pi4B machine.

I want to change the server IP from my test IP to my production IP.

Somewhere it has the IP for my server but I have yet to find the container or a config file with the IP.

Any ideas how to do this.

Is a reinstall of the container the only way to do that?

How do you remove the old container or do you need to.

What I had to do to get around the new ip is I had to add the original ip to the network manager as a second ip - that works as it is not answering the second ip - my test ip now cannot be used by my test pi4b.

Something owns the redirect from to the container - I cannot find it.

I have no Ubuntu Mate Pi4’s now.

I got everything fixed without the extra ip address
I stopped the pihole
ran podman rm pihole
rm -rf /var/lib/containers
reinstalled pihole via podman with the correct ip.

so yes - you have to delete and remove the pihole container the hard way.