Picasa 3.6 Beta

Right now I’m running Picasa 3.6 Beta, Windows version, using CrossOver Office…it works great.

However, can’t I install the linux version somehow in openSUSE 11.2? Darned if I could figure out how…getting repo errors trying to install the .rpm for x64

thanks for assistance, and edification


I’m fairly sure that in Linux any install of picasa is basically a wine based install. I’m equally sure there is no _64 version.

true…I couldn’t figure out why the .rpm Google provided for Picasa wouldn’t install. I got a ‘repository already exists error’ ? But yes, I realized it used a wine component.

I’ve switched to KDE, and went to install Picasa 3.6 Beta windows version (so to speak, the .exe file) and it installs just like gnome with CXOffice, but won’t launch in KDE. Anyone have a clue? It ran beautifully in 11.2 gnome.

thanks as I use it mainly for quick gmail emailing of photo’s to family.

It might be the odd permissions issue that kde has for crossover apps.
I had it, the way to resolve it is to make a shortcut to the app on the desktop and click the icon, or make a shortcut in the panel.
The panel option is more convenient, or try Lancelot.
Personally I hate it but its worth a shot

I’ll check it…never heard of lancelot…what is it?

It’s a launcher - if you look in add widgets - you’ll see it

thanks…it’s just hard for me to beleive that I can’t run Picasa from the menu in anyway shape or form…odd…:\

Am I correct, you are running in using crossover?
Is there a Picasa launcher via the crossover menu?

Picasa 3.6 installed via Crossover/wine runs great…but, I have to launch from a desktop icon.

Lancelot looks interesting…I’ve got it on the desktopk, looking at it, ****ed if I know what do with it…LOL
Any links or information on that?

thanks !! lol!

Just thinking of Crossover
Don’t you have a ‘Windows Applications’ section in the ‘Applications’ part of the main menu from Kickoff?

Lancelot is just the same really as the main K menu, just a different look and feel.

You can create a launcher for an application anywhere you want one - you know that!? So if you want one for Picasa in the main menu, just edit the menu

Photos can be exported to PicasaWeb from digiKam.

thanks…I got Lancelot configured…like it…awesome.

thanks…yeah, I added it to task bar…reminded me of tasty menu in the days of yore…I thought at first it was a desktop app…duh :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like it…awesome.