Photo Management Suggestions

So what’s everybody using to manage photos? I’m trying to figure out what to use myself. I take most photos with my Android phone. I need a simple solution to use when I connect the phone to the computer. I need to import, maybe change the size, crop or adjust the color. I’d also like something that will manage my photos by folder, date or subject and be able to do all this as batch processing. I have Eye of Gnome, F-Spot and GIMP installed already. Shotwell is installed as well and asks me to import every time the phone is connected. All of these apps have some functionality for me, I’m just wondering if anybody has found one to be more effective as an all-round general purpose, central main app to manage photos.

For example, Banshee is working fantastically for importing from source, organizing, and getting my music back and forth to my Android phone. I’m looking for something equally pleasing in the photo dept. Thanks for any suggestions.

So you are using GNOME, but I think I would still try out DigiKam, normally associated with KDE but which can be loaded even when using GNOME. It seems real simple to use but powerful to as well and it is what I recommend to anyone who wants to edit photo’s.

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Well, upon further review… Shotwell suits my needs quite nicely. The only question I have is “Do the photos have to be organized/imported so Shotwell is the only app that can view the folder structuer effectively?” This reminds me of the old iTunes folder structure. Know what I mean?

Thanks for the suggestion James. I have used DigiKam in the past and remember liking it. Might be a bit overkill for what I’m doing right now. Thank you all the same. I do tend to use Gnome almost exclusively. Nothing against KDE. I’m just a big supporter of Gnome.

Shotwell is working well for organizing (except for putting photos in obscure folders that only makes it effective for Shotwell to find). My Android phone has a nice built in feature that reduces the file size while keeping the original. So after importing with Shotwell the original x-large files get deleted easily enough in batch style usually. Shotwell gives me a choice to leave the photos on my phone or remove them after import. So it’s working out okay. I’m surprised nobody else here has chimed in on photo management. Maybe everybody uses KDE instead of Gnome?

I would say that most everyone uses KDE, but not everyone. KDE is the default, but GNOME is an option. With the advent of GNOME 3.2, I am not sure how many are sticking with it, but we do have a dedicate few that come around and I too am some surprised that no one else chimed it with a suggestion. At least you found your own fix and that is all that matters.

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