Perl::Mechanize - how to loop trough 10000 pages with ease

good day dear community,

i am heading for Perl-programming. I want to learn something

Well i am currently working on a small solution: I have tried various tutorials
(examples of Mechanize - that i have found on the CPAN) not oll of them work - some of them are broken!

Now i try t o get some real-world-task!

Especially interesting for me as a PHP/Perl-beginner

what we have so far: Well the harvesting task should be no problem if i
take WWW::Mechanize - particularly for doing the form based search and selecting the individual entries.

Hmm - i guess that the algorithm would be basically 2 nested loops:
the outer loop runs the form based search,
the inner loop processes the search results.

i have approximatley 10000 [in words 10 thousands] pages to parse them

they are organized like that:


can i do it like this:

$mech->follow_link(url_regex => qr/webgrab_path=http://evs2000.*?
Id=d+$/, n => $result_nbr);