Performance issues in Enlightenment

I am the sort of person who at least tries every available window manager and desktop environment. I value configurability, stability, and understandability. As such, I am in love with i3WM. However, I have been trying various others.

KDE is fairly nice, but it’s too big for me.
Gnome is confusingly different from the rest of the world.
MATE handles my multi-monitor setup poorly.
iceWM is too small for me.
openbox is… openbox.

I’m quite used to i3 at this point, but I’m trying Enlightenment.
It’s beginning to look like Enlightenment will be “fairly nice, but poor at utilizing my GPU.”

Whether in software or openGL compositing mode, my GPU (nvidia 1070 w/proprietary blob) is taxed (fluctuating between 0-30%) on basic window functions or YouTube video playing.
The problem is especially evident if I play a 3d game. The GPU load is approximately twice what it is under i3, and the game’s framerate is poor. This problem is somewhat less present in openGL compositing.
There are a number of compositing settings that can be changed to make this less problematic, but it is never solved.

Any help would be appreciated, and I am happy to provide information.

Thanks, folks!