PCSX2 on openSUSE 13.1?

I’m wondering if anyone happened to gotten a somewhat recent build of PCSX2 running on openSUSE 13.1? I’m mainly curious about the binary builds released last month: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Unofficial-linux-build but grabbing it from source would be even better.

I have never used or compiled PCSX2 myself, but you can of course always grab the latest source code (or even older snapshots) from the SVN repo directly:

Is there perhaps a way to request PCSX2 to be automatically built and provided on a openSUSE repository? Kind of like how Wine has a daily snapshot.

Yes, everybody can build packages on http://build.opensuse.org/.
This can even download and build the latest source code from SVN automatically (well, semi-automatically, you have to trigger it manually).

You should be able to login there with the same username/password as here. But I think you have to create the OBS account somehow first to be able to build packages.

The Thread isn’t that old so it’s not too bad posting here.
I’ve build pcsx2 for openSUSE > 12.3 for i586 (x86_64 is not supported anymore).
It’s in the packman repository and can be installed. But be sure to install wxwidgets i586 packages instead of x86_64 until there are 32bit packages next release.
I’ve tested it and it works good on a amd hexacore, nvidia gtx 760 and 8GB Ram.

Here is a link to 1 click install

Have fun.

Great! I’ve missed it very much but never got it to compile.