Pcmanfm-qt automount works only from widget.

Usb pendrive not appears in sidebar, I can see It only in “removable media” widget of the lxqtpanel that It creates a new pcmanfm-qt window, with the pendrive mounted **read-only **and visible in the sidebar.
Maybe missing some permission?

Hello and welcome here.

As we can not look over your shoulder we need a lot of help from you about your situation. Like, what desktop environment are you using (as what you describe seems to be on a desktop)?

I see you’re using the LXqt Desktop.

I’m not clear, what exactly is your question,
That the pendrive is read only?
That it’s displayed in the way you describe?

What you’ve described is quite common, so need to know what you want to do but aren’t able.
If you’re asking about why it’s read only, it’s likely because the permissions were set on a Windows system.
My best solution is to put it back in a Windows system and add Anonymous/Full Control to the entire file system (Parent folder and set inheritance).


Sorry. rotfl!
I’m on Lxqt.

What I want to ask is why is not displayed in pcmafn-qt directly and why I can moun/unmount only with widget and not with pcmanfm’qt.

I think what you’re describing as a “side bar” is commonly referred to as the navigational pane (whatever is selected in the navigational pane determines what is displayed in the main pane).

Your pendrive has been recognized and classified as “removable media,” so is displayed accordingly and not like your drives and partitions mounted by the system (eg by fstab).

Your removable media is mounted differently than your system mounted storage and instead only when your pendrive is detected,
Which is likely why a new window pops up with your pendrive contents, and if there is any question whether and how to display the contents you should also be prompted for what to do with the pendrive (Display in PCManFM? Use some other file player/viewer?)

I’m not sure what you may be referring to as pcmanfm-qt, are you referring to the main PCMan File Manager app?
If you are, it’s probably configurable to view <additionally> in it, and maybe if you reload and/or click the various options in the navigational pane, you’ll find it… It may just be hidden and not seen immediately.

Sorry I can’t be more precise because removable media is tricky, can be mounted various ways according to different rules so may display differently for people depending on their personal configuration.


I think I see what you mean trying to unmount a usb from withing pcmanfm-qt results in an error message
while unmounting from the taskbar applet works fine
I am on LEAP 15 and running lxqt 0.12.0 as you’re on TW you probably have a newer lxqt version
this should be reported over at the lxqt development page as it’s not an opensuse issue

Yes! I have the same issue, but it makes like this only if it’s with a distro inside. Empty usb formatted with fat32 is mounted in rw from pcmanfm-qt side panel as should be.