Hello, i’m from Barcelona, so sure my English is not good, sorry.

I have a PCL files in my spool, and i open these files with Programmer’s File Editor.

But given a need, I convert this files to pdf,
I have seen that PostScript to pdf can.

My question is, can convert PCL to PDF?

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean HP’s PCL? If so, this is just an alternative to Postscript and there are plenty of offerings on Google but nothing provided by openSUSE.

Yes HP’s PCL, in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)there are this commands:

ps2ascii, ps2epsi,ps2pdf,ps2pdfwr,ps2pdf12…

There is something like pcl2pdf?
I searched in google and i have not seen anything

When I put pcl2pdf in Google, I get a lot of results but none for openSUSE.

know not of this
thanks John