passphrase in kmail

I try to connect kmail to a gmx-server where I do have an account (accessible via internet (firefox)). After a reinstallation of LEAP I am being asked for the passphrase there which I cannot remember. I do have root privileges.

Is there a way to circumvent the passphrase question or reinstall a new one?


Maybe I am not understanding your question.

It looks to me as if this is your password on the gmx server. And there’s no way that your openSUSE system (or any system) can bypass that. You would have to look at options on the gmx server site.

GMX is the “doesn’t cost anything (except the advertising … :frowning: )” e-Mail service of United Internet (aka 1&1) – if your DSL is being provided by 1&1 you don’t need a “doesn’t cost anything” GMX account – you’re paying for 100 e-Mail accounts with your monthly DSL payments …

Back to GMX:

Use the Thunderbird instructions to setup the KMail resources (IMAP or POP3 to pull the e-Mails from the GMX mailbox; SMTP to send e-Mails via the GMX servers).

The KMail handbook is here: <>.

You’ll need to setup a KWallet named “kdewallet” before you begin with the KMail setup – instructions are here: <>.

  • As a 1st time user, please
    , please, please, take the easy way out: choose the Blowfish encryption and use an empty password (a “null” password).

This is perfectly OK – your e-Mail access password are encrypted in the “user only” local file (located in ~/.local/share/kwalletd/ – take a look at the directory and file protections) …