What’s the best way to get Pascal on my openSUSE distro? I’ve been using Turbo Pascal under Windows but after a recent upgrade to 64bit this is no longer compatible.

I’ve found one decent looking solution that I haven’t really managed to get the hang of yet - Free Pascal (from

If somebody could shed some light on this I would be very grateful as the sooner I get up and running again with Pascal the sooner I can start my assignments.

Thanks in advance


Do you know Webpin? Webpin

Thanks for the link, Webpin worked a charm. It actually installed the same files I was trying to use from I know it’s worked this time because I can use the “fpc” command in the console.

However I’m still abit stuck on the use of FPC. Am i right in saying one would write their code in advanced text editor, then use the console to compile it? I’ve got as far as that but running my programs still seems to be an issue.

I understand that Pascal is a rather old language and probably not as widely used as it used to be. If somebody knows the best place to ask Pascal on Linux specific questions can you please tell?

My reply was becase you seemed to search for and install something the hard way, where most openSUSE users first try the easy way:

  1. use the search function in YaST > Software > Software manager to see if it is in one of the repos one has allready;
  2. us Webpin to see if it is in an repo one has not;
  3. search for an rpm down there on th Internet;
  4. search for a source rpm to generate it;
  5. search for a tarbal to generate it.
    (I hope I have all possibilities in the right sequence :wink: ).

About Pascal, it is not very much used nowadays where C and friends are much more used (also much more a sort system independant assembler) then real 3rd generation languages.

I am extremely new to Linux, I’ve only had it a few days. I wasn’t aware Yast searched the internet for software, so that’s very helpful. I also wasn’t aware of Webpin - I’ll be using that more often in the future.

I’d gladly be using another language but my assignments are in Pascal arrgh

Thanks for your help anyway, appreciate you taking the time to help

You are welcome.

BTW YaST does not realy “search the Internet”. there are repositories (short repos) configured (some at system installation, but you may add/remove via YaST > Software > Repositories). This is the pool where everything on your system came from in the first place (the CD//DVD has the same packages, but less of them and maybe the repos have newer versions).

From what you just said I think it would be worth to read a bit in NEW Users - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums and the links mentioned there to get a some background information.

And Pascal is of course is much nicer language then C. I was not a real user of it. I started with Algol60 and ‘went step backwards’ to Fotran70 and later ‘a bit upwards’ to Fortran77. Those wre the times … :frowning: