Partial update to PHP 8?

Hey folks, has anyone else seen an issue where the PHP 8 interpreter application is installed, bul the PHP 7 app and it’s support modules are also still active in the system? Go ahead and upgrade to PHP 8, or remove the interpreter and stay at 7?

Thanks, Bill

Same question here.

On my system the update did not only install PHP8 it removed php7-json as well so that my MediaWiki stopped working. When i tried to re-install php7-json zypper told me, that i had to remove PHP8 if i wanted to install php7-json.

For the time being i decided to remove PHP8 and to block it for installation. But probably a complete move to PHP8-packages would have solve the problem as well.

It would be interesting indeed to know why the update did not replace all php7-packages by their php8 counterparts.



PHP8 and PHP7 cannot co-exist due to some overlapping files. These are mostly related to startup files (for example php7 and php8 share php-fpm systemd service file) and I’m not sure why php8 doesn’t deprecate 7 automatically - most likely a bug in .spec.

So the way the devs have built the system you have to either move all to php8 or stick to php7 or then make your own packages which allow multiple versions of php at the same time.

Bug report?

Thanks for the information!

At the moment i will stick to PHP7 because i don’t know whether my web-applications will run with PHP8.



Thanks for the feedback everyone! I ended up just removing the PHP 8 interpreter app and left the PHP 7 app and modules in place, and that allowed phpMyAdmin to start working again.


The OBS repo actually lists that it should deprecate the files and it’s also in the .spec file - very curious if it doesn’t work for some reason.

Same here, and it broke my Nextcloud and Roundcube web interfaces. Deinstallation of php8 did sort it when it was brought to my attention when YaST wanted to to upgrade roundcube.