padevchooser, zeroconf and usb_modeswitch

I just upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3 and compiled kernel 2.6.36.
In 11.2/2.6.35 pulseaudio/padevchooser was working fine.
Now I’m getting boot errors indicating that hso-udev.rules has a problem that will be important in a future release related to SYSFS{} stuff that should be ATTRS{} stuff.
Other reading seems to indicate that my problem is that I have both avahi zeroconf and usb_modeswitch running.
However usb_modeswitch is perhaps a replacement for zeroconf.

So I disable zeroconf.
Now padevchooser cannot run since it needs zeroconf.

Immediate action for me is to put zeroconf back in place and ignore the errors, then my system is working again. Long term action is now the issue.

Anybody been down this route before? Whose action comes next? Possibly PA will be switching over to usb_modeswitch for zeroconf functionality? Or is there an OpenSuse config change coming?

I note that this seems to be a boot issue.
Message pops up on boot, but when system is fully booted padevchooser will start even if zeroconf is not running.
Maybe something to do with the order in which applications start on boot up.