Packman repository?

hi folks, I’m trying to add the packman repo to opensuse 11.3, but I’m confused. I know where to add them, but I’m not sure which one.
I go to PackMan - Links2Linux but from there I’m stumped. What do I add? Should I go under the repo instructions for Debian/Ubuntu and get the urls from there?

Here is how
How to add a repo in Terminal

You can always use a different URL as the one here is from europe
a US Eg would be:

zypper ar -f packman

All main mirrors
Additional package repositories - openSUSE

I thought unixheads was gone?

Most of us have moved to German packman mirrors.
I am using for instance.

Community repos are easily added via YAST under Software> Software Repositories. It’s all done from a very non confusing menu.

You tell me
Index of /suse/11.3

does it look up to date

It does. Several weeks ago it vannished however. Having to have had change my packeman repo away from that mirror at that time along with others I was speaking from experience. The story then was the person who sponsors those mirrors was finished and moving on to other things. They must have had a change of heart. I was quite thankful for the free mirroring and actually graced them with a donation via paypal at one point.