Packman Repo problems with 11.2 M7

Hi All,

I just installed 11.2m7. I can bring up the Packman Repository thru YAST. However, Win32codec, FFMPEG, Xine, etc. will not install (I.e. I can check them, but when I got to install, the only conflict resolution available is to not install the multimedia packages.)

Anyone able to get the multimedia packages installed on 11.2 m7? Thanks

Mike Doerner

OK, Mplayer from Packman Repo works (for now…:wink: )

Mike D

If anyone get Xine, FFmpeg, VLC, etc updated, please let me know.

I have got this url for packman (Index of /pub/packman/suse/11.1), and it works BUT my 11.2 M7 comes from a 11.1 updated to M4, M5, M6, M7 by successive “zypper dup”, so that it may be different from your case.

URL works, packages do not (i.e. dependencies).

Mike Doerner

You just add oss repo from 11.1, because there are som changes like is in 11.2 M7, so just add temporarily a 11.1 repo .

Well, that was easy. Thanks!

Mike Doerner

There is a pacman 11.2 and factory repository, although I don’t know the difference between the two (if there is one). They are missing a lot of packages, though, and I don’t know how stable they are.

Index of /pub/packman/suse/11.2
Index of /pub/packman/suse/factory

My guess is
Index of /pub/packman/suse/11.2 is fairly stable and is being built up gradually.

But my view also is the factory Index of /pub/packman/suse/factory should be avoided.

Sorry oldcpu, guess is wrong. If you visit with Konqueror you’ll see that “11.2” is a symlink to “factory”, so content is one and the same. My guess :wink: is they will move “factory” to “11.2” somewhere around release date of 11.2

Interesting … In the past I’ve seen them use factory as an area where they test packages that are NOT for general distribution. Looks like they have changed that philosophy with 11.2 coming.

I would still be careful.

Did you check every that every factory package has an 11.2 symlink? If you did not, then my guess could still be correct. Its possible 11.2 is a subset of the factory and that factory should NOT be added.

Knurpht, it appears fairly clearly that you are correct in your Packman factory assessment. I note Beineri updated the Additional YaST Package Repository wiki (for openSUSE) so clearly he shares your view, and he knows a lot more about this than I: Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE